Military Council of Catholic Women

European Region 2016-2017

​  MCCW Europe

​Bp John P. Kaising Seminarian Fund

MCCW Worldwide is proud to introduce its perpetual charity, the Co-Sponsorship Scholarship Fund for Seminarians.​

This fund is given directly to the Archdiocese for Military Services (AMS) Seminarian Co-Sponsorship Office.  The AMS clearly recognizes a need for increasing Catholic chaplains within the military services.  To meet this growing need, the AMS recruits current active duty soldiers who are also interested in the priesthood. The seminarian attends the seminary of their choice and AMS helps to pay the cost of the five years of preparation. The cost for each seminarian per year is $25,000. For five years of study and preparation, this comes to $125,000 per seminarian.

This is the only charity that is supported by MCCW Worldwide.  There will no longer be a different organization chosen every two years. Now all of our efforts in fundraising go directly to supporting the program that will directly impact each of us in the coming years. The addition of more priests to the military is vital to the health of Catholic communities on every installation. The support of this charity gives much more than priests – it gives priests who comeback to active duty knowing MCCW as a vital part of the Catholic community. Through the financial support of MCCW- Worldwide, AMS will be able to co-sponsor more seminarians.

​Get involved!  Reach out and adopt a Seminarian through your chapel group. Go to this website, where you will see all the seminarians; click on the name and you will see some personal information.  Once you have chosen a seminarian, contact our liaison; let her know who it is and she will put you in touch with the other chapels who have adopted the same seminarian. The groups can then coordinate care packages for special feast days, holidays and his birthday.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the seminarian to receive personalized care-packages, knowing that these groups are praying specifically for him and have reached out to build a closer relationship with him? DO NOT send money directly to the seminarian – many are not allowed to receive financial gifts.

Take action!  Prayer is perhaps the most important gift we can give our seminarians. It is certainly the most powerful!  Our seminarians are beset by second thoughts, regrets and temptations; the fact is, some will not finish the program. To help them battle through these hard times, our direct prayers, knowing who they are, will benefit them immensely.

You are challenged to reach out to this program.

​You are challenged to raise more money than ever before – this charity is more than a good deed; it is our future. You are challenged to adopt a seminarian and support him with letters and packages throughout the five year process. You are challenged to persevere and know who your seminarian is, know who his family is, learn where he came from and how he wants to serve our military community. If you get to know him, he will get to know all of us through you. Once this future priest knows your communities, he will come into active duty service with a real sense of what MCCW does, who we are and how we truly are “a visible presence of Christ” in our communities, in our military and for our priests.